Learn More about Public Holidays Scotland 2011

Millions of people choose to visit Scotland every year to enjoy the beautiful sceneries, ancient castles and flamboyant festivals. If you are one of them, don’t forget to check out the dates for public holidays Scotland 2011. By doing so, you will avoid crowded periods and get great prices for your accommodation.

In Scotland, most public holidays are also bank holidays; this means that all banks and institutions are closed. In 2011, Scotland enjoyed more public holidays than in other years, because of the royal wedding. Here is a list of all public holidays Scotland 2011 from the beginning of the year.

2011 began with the public holiday of New Years Day, which was on the 3rd of January, given the fact that the 1st of January was on a Saturday. Good Friday was celebrated before Easter with a public holiday on the 22nd of April. The Early May bank holiday was on the 2nd of May. This, corroborated with the day off for the royal wedding on the 29th of April, created a long weekend.

There was only one summer public holiday in Scotland this year, the Summer Bank Holiday on the 1st of August. Scottish people will have three more public holidays this year, St.Andrews Day on the 30th of November, celebrating Scotland’s saint patron, as well as Christmas Day and Boxing Day, which this year are on the 26 and 27th of December.

Planning your trip to Scotland around these public holidays will help you make the necessary arrangements for avoiding paying too much for your escape. Make sure you reserve everything in advance and have a nice trip in the Highlands!

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