Looking for the dates of public holidays scotland 2010?

It is always handy to have a list of dates of public holidays, either past, present or future to look up for whatever reason. Keep this one handy for the next time you need a list of public holidays in Scotland 2010.

It is always best to begin at the start, so last year New Years Day fell on the intended date of the 1st January, unfortunately the public holiday aptly named the 2nd of January, didn't fall on the intended date, instead the public holiday was the 4th January instead as the original date fell over the weekend.

Next up was in the Spring, with Good Friday being on the 2nd April, over 3 weeks earlier than this year. Following this, the early May bank holiday was on the 2nd May this year, with the late May bank holiday almost four weeks later on the very last day of the month on May 31st.

Moving on to the Summer, the August Bank holiday last year fell on August the 2nd, being the only Bank Holiday that Summer. Onto Autumn, St Andrews Day was the next public holiday in Scotland 2010, which lastly came around as usual on the 30th November.

Last but not least was the Christmas and Boxing Day public holiday, although we celebrated the day as usual on the 25th and 26th December, the actual public holidays were delayed until after the weekend on which they fell, therefore being on the 27th and 28th December.

So if you are just looking to put days and dates on photos etc or are just looking to keep a record of the public holidays in Scotland, keep this on hand for all you needs.

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