What are the public holidays in New Zealand in 2011

If you are planning on making the trip of a lifetime to New Zealand then why not adjust your trip around the New Zealand Public Holidays so you can maximise the fun you will have, and keep the cost as low as possible. In this blog we'll be checking out what are the Public Holidays in New Zealand in 2011, so lets have a gander!

Unlike Australia, New Zealand's public holidays are uniform across the entire country, and aren't broken down into each individual area of the country, which makes things a little easier to understand if you are plotting to tour the entire country! It is also worth bearing in mind that the Rugby World Cup will be held in New Zealand in 2011, so while it may not be a public holiday, there will be a carnival atmosphere throughout the country over those few weeks!

Here are New Zealand's Public Holidays in 2011:

New Years Day - Saturday Jan 1st

Day after New Years Day - Sunday Jan 2nd

Waitangi Day - Sunday 6th February

Anniversary Day - Monday Jan 31st

Good Friday - Friday 22nd Apr

Easter Monday - Monday 25th Apr

ANZAC Day - Monday 25th Apr

Queen's Birthday - Monday 6th June

Labour Day - Monday 24th Oct

Christmas Day - Sunday 25th Dec

Boxing Day - Monday 26th Dec

2011 is a unique year in terms of travelling to New Zealand, and generally the time it is on from September - October is the cheapest for flying there, but this year it will likely cost you a premium to visit the country.

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