Public Holidays in New Zealand in 2010

Public holidays in New Zealand in 2010 celebrated events of religious, national or historic significance. These are protected by law in the Holidays Act 2003 and all workers are entitled to take the holiday or alternatively be compensated by their employer. On the followingdays all public offices are closed and many transport services may offerreduced services.

1st  and 2nd January – New Year’s Day is a public holiday for all, as is the 2nd January. In 2010 the 2nd January was a Saturday and so the next working day, being the 4th January, was a public holiday.

Waitangi Day is New Zealand’s national day and is always celebrated on February 6th each year. The Treaty of Waitangi is New Zealand’s founding document and was signed on 6th February 1840. The Treaty between the Maori chiefs and the British Crown set out the main principles of building a nation in New Zealand.

Easter is celebrated in New Zealand and Good Friday and Easter Monday are always public holidays.

Anzac Day falls on April 25th and commemorates the anniversary of military action undertaken by New Zealand and Australian forces in World War I. The soldiers fought on the Gallipoli peninsula in northern Turkey and many New Zealanders were killed during the battles.

The Queen’s birthday is always celebrated in New Zealand by a public holiday on the first Monday in June.

Labour Day is the fourth Monday in October and honours the achievements of labour unions to implement an 8 hour working day during the 19th century.

All workers are entitled to public holidays on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. If either of these days falls on weekend, the public holiday occurs on the following Monday or Tuesday.

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