When are public holidays in Scotland?

If you are wondering when to visit Scotland then wonder no more.  The perfect time to visit is during public holidays in Scotland and experience a long weekend like no other.  We run through the public holidays and when they fall.

There are 9 official public holidays in Scotland each year and during special years more may get added.  Examples of these special occasions are events such as the Royal Wedding in which took place in April of 2011 and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June of 2012.

The regular holidays fall at certain times of the year every year beginning with New Years Day.  This is followed by a second January Bank Holiday which falls shortly after New Years Day.  These holidays ensures that every year gets started in the right way with a big party.

The next public holiday doesn't arrive until Good Friday and of course this varies every year depending on when easter falls.  Then on the first Monday in May comes the Early May Bank Holiday.  This is followed by the Spring Bank Holiday which falls around the end of May/beginning of June.

On the first Monday of August comes the Summer Bank Holiday and this marks the last public holiday during the fine weather.  The next holiday is St Andrew's Day and this doesn't arrive until November 30th.  This holiday gives Scottish people the chance to celebrate the patron saints' feast day.  It also signals Christmas and good times are just around the corner.  The year is then rounded out with the final 2 public holidays - one for Christmas day and one for Boxing day.

For a full list of public holidays in Scotland visit www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/People/bank-holidays.

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