Public Holidays in New Zealand in 2010

New Zealand had ten official public holidays in New Zealand in 2010. Some of these holidays are holidays that are also celebrated by other countries while other holidays are specific to New Zealand. Holidays that are also celebrated across the world include New Years Day, the day after New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Queens Birthday, Labor Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Readers who would like a list of all the public holidays in New Zealand in 2010 can go to the website explore-new-zealand.com.

Two holidays that are important to the people of New Zealand are Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day. Waitangi Day is a holiday that celebrates a treaty that was drawn up between the native people of New Zealand and English settlers. Anzac Day is a day that is used to remember all the soldiers that fought for New Zealand and Australia as part of the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps in Gallipoli, Turkey. Anzac day is also celebrated in Australia. Both Waitangi Day and Anzac day are celebrated on the exact date that they fall. If the holiday falls on a weekend, New Zealanders will not get the next Monday off work for Waitangi or Anzac day. This is because these holidays are considered to be days of remembrance. Those who want information on these two holidays can go to the website NZhistory.Net.

New Zealand also has regional holidays. For example Aucklanders celebrate Auckland Anniversay Day every year. Also other holidays that have their origins in overseas countries are not ignored in New Zealand. Both Halloween and Saint Patricks Day is often celebrated with parties across the country.

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