What are the public holidays 2011 in Australia

If you are plotting a holiday to Australia and you are wondering what the public holidays Down Under are, then we are here to help as we present our comprehensive list of all of the public holidays 2011 in Australia. Hopefully it will help you to maximise your fun on your trip to Oz!

As such a massive country, Australia is broken up into different states and territories and each of these has their own list of Public holidays that are specific to themselves. If you would like a broad overview of the holidays you can expect in each and every part of Australia, then we recommend checking out the Australian Government page about holidays at http://australia.gov.au/topics/australian-facts-and-figures/public-holidays. Simply click on the province or territory that you wish to see and the full list of holidays there will pop up.

Despite each territory and province having their own holidays, there are also a huge number of Australia wide holidays that are observed each year, and you can find the full list of these holidays online at http://www.fairwork.gov.au/leave/public-holidays/pages/default.aspx. These holidays are:

1 January (New Year’s Day)

26 January (Australia Day)

Good Friday

Easter Monday

25 April (Anzac Day)

Queen’s birthday holiday (on the day on which it is celebrated in a state or territory or a region of a state or territory)

25 December (Christmas Day)

26 December (Boxing Day)

So there are eight seperate public holidays per year in Australia, giving you plenty of leeway to book your holiday around them!

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