Profumo's 'political scandal' tour offered by hotel

Making a historic claim to having been dedicated to the 'pursuit of pleasure, power and politics for over 300 years, Clivenden Hotel in Buckinghamshire is offering its guests a taste of all things scandalous with a new tour commemorating the Profumo-Keeler affair that rocked Britain in 1961, the Daily Mail reveals.

Unfortunately, guests will not have the chance to frolick in rooms lovingly recreated to resemble the suit shared by War Minister Jack Profumo and nineteen year old Christine Keeler, when they started their affair in the sixties, although they will be able to take part in a tour led by Profumo-scandal expert Rupert Gavin. Many of the hotel's rooms have been named after famous figures such as Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin, although it's the John Profumo room which might get the most bookings from amorous couples or illicit lovers.

The tour will start on the 30th July - for those willing to pay £500 - when guests will be encouraged to take in the hotel's magnificent grounds of parklands and gardens and take a dip in the pool where Profumo and Keeler spent many a happy hour.

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