Why you'll love private hire cottages

Hiring a cottage is a fantastic way to relax. They are great for getting away from the stress that work and life might throw at you, they are perfect for romantic weekends, and they can help you break away from routine. Private hire cottages are mainly situated in places away from the hustle and bustle of a city, usually in secluded country areas or near the sea or rivers.

It is very easy to find a cottage to suit your budget. They can range quite dramatically in price and can be found all over the UK. Most come with between one and six bedrooms, so finding a cottage that suits your needs should be easy.

Many private hire cottages are pet friendly. Contact the owners before making your booking to check whether pets are allowed.

One issue that can arise when looking for a cottage for a weekend break is finding a weekend price online. Most cottages will only have a price per week, and it can be tedious trying to find prices for a weekend away. Booking websites should have phone numbers or email addresses to get in contact with the owner, so you can phone them to get a price.

Getting away for a relaxing break can be just what the doctor ordered. There is no better way than to leave your mobile phone and laptop behind you and get away to the country to stay in a secluded cottage for a few days. You will feel so much better after!

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