Where to find private caravan hire

Private caravan hire gives you the opportunity to get exactly the same service as a regular caravan hire company but you will often get the services cheaper and you will have a more personal treatment from the caravan owners. Purchasing caravan hire from companies is often more expensive in the summer months, or around particular holidays or special weekends, but again with private caravan hire you often avoid this.

Prices tend to be a lot lower for private hire than they do from companies as many of the costs involved, such as rent and business taxes, obviously do not exist for private sellers. However, deposits may be higher as businesses tend to have access to wholesale and trade prices for any replacements or repairs which private renting individuals do not.

You can find caravans for hire privately in a number of places and this article lists a few of the best ones:

Local Advertisements

Private caravan hire often comes up in local newspapers, village newsletters and advertising boards which are located in town halls, supermarkets and schools. You are also likely to see people place signs outside their houses indicating that caravans are for hire.

Enthusiasts' Forums and Websites

Finding private caravan hire on websites dedicated to camping, RVing, carvanning and other outdoor activities is commonplace. There are often active forums where you can arrange hire with fellow enthusiasts which will give you the opportunity to have the e-community behind you. This is especially important if you rent a specialist vehicle such as a VW Campervan as the networks that surround the vehicles are instrumental to preventing hire fraud and scams.

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