Princess Cruises 2012 Take Cruisers Around The World

Princess Cruises 2012

The schedule for Princess cruises for 2012 offers customers a wide array of potential destinations. Whether it’s warm weather or cold weather you’re looking for, you are likely to find what you’re looking for on this schedule.

Princess cruises for 2012 include a trip around Alaska, a state that Princess has been cruising to for over 40 years.  All Princess cruises to Alaska include trips to the state’s two major attractions: Denali National Park and Glacier Bay National Park.

If you’re more into the scenery of Europe, you can take comfort in the fact that 2012 features the largest European deployment in the history of Princess. The cruises offered are numerous, and include focuses on touring the Baltic, the Mediterranean, and the Greek Isles.

Of course, you can’t talk about the Princess cruise schedule without talking about the Caribbean. The Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean are explored with Princess’ ships.

Other destinations offered by Princess cruises in 2012 include the Panama Canal. Mexico and the Pacific Coast are sailed to more often than ever before in the Princess 2012 schedule. Hawaii, Tahiti and the South Pacific are also possible. The Hawaiian Islands portion of the Hawaii cruise has been expanded in 2012.

Other destinations include Asia, India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Canada. In other words, all parts of the world are fair game with Princess cruises in 2012.  For those who cruise ambitiously, there are also months-long world trips available, including a trip from Fort Lauderdale to Venice.

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