How to Rent Premier Villas

There are all sorts of ways to rent Premier villas. You decide how much research you wish to do or use the resources of online broker services or travel agents to find the perfect holiday stay.

Decide what country and city you wish to visit. Spend a bit of time researching different countries and cities of interest to find an ideal location for your holiday. Take advantage of the Internet, travel publications and magazines to get familiar with accommodations, prices and premier properties.

Determine the ideal season to travel. Keep in mind, airline tickets and villa rentals are usually cheaper in the off seasons. Some rental agreements may throw in better rates when renting for longer periods of time.

After determining the city and country for your stay, make a list of amenities and requirements you prefer. Do you want a villa with a private beach or a swimming pool? Does it need to be located close to golf courses or do you require private tennis courts? Are you looking for accommodations that include a hot tub or a sauna?

Determine how many bedrooms will be needed and the length of your stay. Watch advertisements carefully to determine if pets are acceptable and what the pet deposits are.

Request references and photos of potential villa rentals. This will help to give you an idea of property conditions and whether it will be suitable for your needs.

Get copies of rental agreements and read thoroughly. Be prepared to put down a deposit prior to your stay.

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Select affordable premier villas with all the amenities and have a wonderful holiday.

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