Looking for a Premier Inn in Paris?

Are you looking for a Premier Inn in Paris? Premier Inn only operates in the United Kingdom and Ireland but here are the closest kind of hotel chains you will find in Paris from just €30 a night!The closest thing to the Premier Travel Inn’s in Paris are the Campanile, Ibis and Formula1 hotel chains. They all offer high-quality and cheap rooms. Just like the Premier Travel Inn’s they’re the same all over. You get a basic room and an en-suite with a television and a phone. Breakfast is not included in the price but it just costs a couple of euro on top of your room rate if you want it. It is generally a continental buffet and is more than adequate. They are all comfortable and clean and accept a variety of payment modes. Campanile.com/Paris: The Campanile hotel chain has nine hotels in Paris, with one only 10 miles from Eurodisney. They always have special offers available and if you book in advance you receive a discount of 20%. All rooms come with free WiFi. Ibishotel.com/Paris The Ibis hotel group boasts a total of 41 hotels in Paris, spread out through all the Parisian districts so you can find one in any part of the city you want. Hotelf1.com/ParisHotel: formula 1 have low cost hotels across France with fifteen in Paris. If you book online you receive a discount of €2 per room. They also offer free WiFi to all guests as well as free parking.

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