Prague: How to escape the crowds.

From stag-party revellers trying to down as much cheap beer as they can, to souvenir buying visitors on a package tour, Prague has become familiar territory for the weekend traveller, perhaps just a little too well known. More than four million tourists descended on the Czech Republic’s capital ‘City of a Hundred Spires’ last year, reports the Telegraph. But with a little know-how, it is possible to escape the crowds.

First, bear in mind that some cities are equally charming in winter as they are in summer. The added plus is that those who feel the cold will be in Turkey of Morocco, leaving a quieter place for you to visit, so this is the perfect time of the year to go.

Secondly, push the boat out and go blatantly up market. Prague already has 36 five-star hotels where you can make a retreat from the crowds and be pampered. Stay at a former monastery, The Augustine (www.roccofortecollection.com), which has been sensationally updated with local art, fabulous furnishings, and a restaurant voted one of the three best in the city.

Finally, avoid the Eastern Old and New Town areas, where the crowds gather, in favour of the Jewish quarter, which has tasteful boutiques, trendy restaurants and a small atmospheric synagogue. The Little Quarter, peppered with churches, rustic coffee shops and excellent local restaurants is another quieter alternative.

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