Prague Holidays from Manchester - all you need to know

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Prague holidays from Manchester

Looking for somewhere to go on holiday this year? The following is some helpful advice on Prague holidays from Manchester.


Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and its largest city. It has become a top tourist destination over the last few years. The city has a temperate oceanic climate with warm weather during the summer making it an ideal spot for holidays. The city also has many well known historical attractions including Prague Castle and the Old Town Square. As well as that there are a number of museums, theatres, galleries and other exhibits.

Flights from Manchester

Both Jet 2 and BMI Baby provide direct flights from Manchester Airport to Prague with a flight time of just over 2 hours. Jet 2 fly on Monday at 15.25, Wednesday at 15.10, Thursday at 14.00, Friday at 6.50 am and Sunday at 15.25. Prices depend on when you want to travel but range from around £60 one way including taxes to £150 at peak times. BMI fly on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 19.25. Prices start from £39.99 one way.


The Best Western Hotel in Prague is located right in the heart of the city with many of the major attractions just a few minutes’ walk away. The spacious rooms have aircon and are well furnished with all standard amenities. They also have free high speed Wi-Fi access in all parts of the hotel. Prices for a double room are around €100. The Old Town Square Hotel is a small boutique family run business. All rooms are furnished to a five star standard. Packages start at €605 for a 3 night stay.

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