Where to Book for Prague Flights Online

If you are looking for a quick way to book for Prague flights, simply go online and you will have a lot of websites to choose from. You can book directly with an airline by visiting their official website, or you can book with a flight comparison website.


The official website of British Airways is one example of how you can book directly with an airline company. The best fares they offer for London to Prague can go as low as £79 for departing flights and £158 for returning flights.

The airline website, however, also allows you to create your own trip and book for your flight and accommodations or your flight and car rental. If you do not want to book a combination package, you also have the option of booking separately for accommodations, car rentals and even ‘experiences’, which is the term the company uses for select tours they have arranged for your convenience.

Other services you can arrange through British Airways’s website include bookings for shopping trips, nightlife, restaurant and bars, spa hotels, romantic or city breaks, and holidays in Prague.


This is an example of a flight comparison website. Their cheapest fare from British Airways is priced at £158 for round-trip fare and is already inclusive of taxes.

They also have Prague flights packages available from other companies. Their Flight Heros round-trip fare is priced only at £79, while their most expensive is at £250, also for round-trip fare, and from the Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM).

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