Harwich PQ ferries to Denmark and Holland.

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A ferry trip used to be the typical way of getting over to the continent before the birth of low cost flights, and now with airport chaos and eco-minded travellers on the up, people are once again turning to the ferry to get them to their destination. And don’t just think 'Dover to Calais' when you think of ferry crossings. There’s a lot more available.

For example, what could be easier than boarding a train in London Liverpool Street station and arriving at Parkeston Quay, close to the Harwich Port Terminal where you can board for the Hook of Holland or for Esbjerg on the west coast of Denmark? Harwich PQ ferries offers crossings with Stena Line Ferries (www.stenaline.co.uk) to the Netherland’s Hook of Holland and DFDS Seaways (www.dfds.co.uk) to Esbjerg in Denmark. There are two daily ferry services to the Netherlands on a Stena Line super ferry and the voyage takes just 3 hours 45 minutes.  Fares start from £59 single for a car and driver or just £34 single for a rail and sail ticket to any Dutch NEEA rail station. It’s one of the cheapest and most direct ways of getting to Holland from south-east England.

DFDS Seaways operate up to four crossings per week from Harwich to Esbjerg, using their newest ship, the Dana Sirena, which has high quality cabins with TV.  Sailing time is around 17 hours but with a number of restaurants and a bar and kids club on board to keep you entertained, and a range of cabin accommodation to suit every budget, it’s like spending a night in a fun hotel.  Cabin accommodation is compulsory on this route and a return trip for two adults plus car and cabin starts at £519.

So why not join the million passengers who use Harwich PQ ferries annually? It's one of the UK's leading ferry terminals offering air-conditioning, comfortable lounges, shops and an efficient check-in system. You may find it beats squeezing on a flight after a frazzled wait at airport security!

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