Posh camping options in the UK

Posh camping UK

Camping, just the word can evoke some of the worst memories for some people. Cold, rain-filled weekends in tents that are little more than over-sized rain coats.

I personally have horrible memories of camping on a farmers land one "summers" day. We set up tent as the rain started to lightly dribble down. Getting the tent up was easy. The tent pegs went easily into the ground. This should have given us our first pangs of danger but we were blissfully unaware.

Fully set up we left for a small hike to the local pub. Upon returning to our tent a few hours later we found our entire campsite had descended into marsh, half a foot of mud surrounded our tent and clothes like some kind of unholy moat.

Wading through the swamp I swore again never to camp. I have of course camped numerous times since then but I have always gravitated towards the luxury elements like teepees, log cabins and even bedouin marquees!

Glamping, glamorous camping, has really taken off in the UK in the last few years. Websites like JollyDaysLuxuryCamping.co.uk allow you to find the best posh camping options in the UK. They offer a full range of luxury options through out the UK at great prices.

Another great site to check out is CanopyAndStars.co.uk, they bring the romance back to camping with amazing locations that are perfect for a couple's get away.

GoGlamping.net is has world wide options for posh campers. With exotic accommodation and locations around the world its surely one of the best sites on the internet and a must for someone planning a "glamping" trip across multiple countries.

Shop around as companies will price match and are very competitive for your business, and remember to bring your wellies!


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