Portugal's weather simply invites you to visit!

Whether you're planning your next year's summer holiday or feeling in need of a short break, Portugal's weather will not disappoint. Head for the Algarve if you're looking for sun, sea and sand, or to the north if you're into fabulous scenery, picturesque villages and port wines. You'll get a great tan in summer but winter is mild too. Let us advise you on what to expect.

The best time of year to visit Portugal

Savvy travellers know that as a norm, you can expect to find summer temperatures in the hot thirties in Mediterranean countries. Portugal's southern coast, the Algarve, is actually on the Gulf of Cadiz which, as it's more exposed to the Atlantic, offers perfect, slightly lower temperatures with constant sunshine tempered by a pleasant breeze.

Expect to find temperatures of around 28 degrees from July to September, with sea temperatures of a very inviting 23 degrees. So pack your swimming gear, t-shirts and shorts but leave the umbrella at home!

The beauty of the Algarve is that there are also plenty of sunny days in autumn, with good weather at the beginning of November known as a 'St Martin's summer' as the saint's day falls on the 11th.

So if you're considering booking a trip to the Algarve, Portugal's weather should not disappoint. November temperatures are around 18 degrees with sea temperatures a pleasant 17 degrees.

Of course the weather in Portugal varies from one region to another and the north is colder. If you're planning on visiting Porto in summer, temperatures will be around 20 degrees falling to 13 degrees in winter. You'll find some snowfall in the Serra da Estrela mountains where the highest point in mainland Portugal reaches almost 2,000mts, so sometimes it's possible to ski.

Portugal offers balmy weather but without the searing heat of the southern Med.

So if you're looking for a destination with mild temperatures all year round, Portugal's weather fits the bill, making it easy to travel there at any time of year. Take advantage of the host of flights that operate to Faro Airport, gateway to the Algarve. Ryanair (ryanair.com) flies there from no fewer than 11 UK airports, and Easy Jet (easyjet.com) from Belfast, Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Newcastle. Bon Voyage!

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