Where to Book for Portugal Villas

When searching for Portugal villas, it is best that you look for websites that have offices based in Portugal. This way, if anything goes wrong with your trip, you will be able to contact them more easily and perhaps even visit their office in person to have the problem resolved. If this is not possible, look for websites that are at least well established and recommended by many.


This website is an example of an online tour provider with their headquarters based in Portugal. All accommodations you will see in the website are owned by individuals that the company can personally vouch for, but the resulting contract will still be between you and the villa’s owner.

Quinta de Nabais is one of the villas offered at the website. Built in the 16th century, the villa had undergone extensive renovations to offer the most luxurious amenities to its guests. It is located in Lima Valley, which many consider as Portugal’s most picturesque area, and offers six bedrooms, an outdoor pool equipped with water polo facilities, a basketball net and a tennis court. Different types of sports equipment as well as bicycles are also available for use.


Although based in the UK, this travel website has been operating for years and specializes in offering accommodations in Spain and Portugal villas. An example of the type of accommodations the website offers is Quinta do Lago, which offers five bedrooms and bathrooms, and is able to accommodate up to 10 guests. It has its own jacuzzi and pool, and pool and table tennis tables, and is handicapped friendly.

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