Saving Money On Portugal Holidays

Spend a weekend on the beach or take a week to relax and unwind during Portugal holidays. Whether you want to tour Portugal's cities or plan to spend every day on the beach, travel this destination does not have to cost a lot if you follow these tips.

All-inclusive Tour Packages

The best way to save on your holiday plans is by purchasing an all-inclusive package. Tour companies like Cosmos Travel (cosmos.co.uk) offer special holiday offers to Portugal. Specials include “Two weeks for the price of one” or package rates starting as low as ₤170 per person per day. Special rates, based on August 2011 pricing, include hotel or villa

Club Med (clubmed.co.uk) arranges all-inclusive holidays in Portugal. All-inclusive holidays save money because the travel package includes meals and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), child-minding, airfare and accommodations. They even arrange tours to Portugal's largest cities. The Da Balaia resort offers an 18-hold golf course, two restaurants and two bars. As of August 2011, packages start at ₤800 per person and this includes taxes.

Villa Rentals in Portugal

Stay in a rental property instead of a hotel to avoid paying for expensive restaurant meals. Holiday Rentals (holiday-rentals.co.uk) makes it easy to find self-catering villas throughout Portugal. Stay in a luxurious garden condo in Lagos for as little as ₤175 per week. Many self-catering villas have private swimming pools and are within minutes from Portugal's beaches.

Remember when booking your holiday that Portugal has a VAT of 23 percent (per 2011). Residents of the U.K. or any European are not entitled to a VAT refund. Whether you book an all-inclusive vacation package or arrange discount airfare with a self-catering villa, make sure to consider all angles before booking Portugal holidays.

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