Save on your trip with Portugal car rental

If you're travelling to Portugal this summer and want to ensure that you get the best value for money then we would recommend you consider Portugal car rental rather than relying on public transport or private hire vehicles.

Although the cost might seem like a needless expense at first, when you start to break things down it can be a real eye opener as to just how much more cost effective it can be to have your own means of transport for the duration of your trip.

When tied to public transport like busses or trains, you can often feel rushed or unable to see the places you really wanted to vist because of time constraints. It's always a worry to keep one eye on the clock to ensure that you don't miss the last bus connection, and that can often prove to be detrimental to your enjoyment of the holiday - especially when there are young kids involved.

When it comes to taking taxis from A to B, you need to remember that you are entirely at the mercy of the morals of your driver at any given time. While the vast majority are trustworthy, there are always a few bad eggs who will have no problem in taking you the longest way possible to your destination, racking up the cost of your transport in the process. Unless you know exactly where you're going it can be a risk to rely solely on private hire transport.

Instead, if you check out www.portugalcar.net you'll find a surprising range of car rentals available for great prices. The overall cost will depend entirely on your choice of car and your departure point, but rentals are as low as €10 per day from Aviero Car Rental and rise to a maximum starting point of just €19 per day from Santarem Car Rental - prices which are dwarfed by some of the figures quoted by other car rental sites.

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