Are you looking for Portsmouth to Jersey ferries?

Portsmouth to Jersey ferries

If you’re thinking of taking an autumn break to Channel Island Jersey and would like to take your car to fully explore this beautiful island, there’s a good ferry service available from Portsmouth all year round with Condor Ferries (condorferries.co.uk).

It’s ideal if you’re taking your caravan or planning a camping holiday: reasonably priced flights to Jersey are available these days but it’s quite a challenge to get your camping paraphernalia on the plane.

For those who opt for Portsmouth to Jersey ferries, Condor provides a day service by conventional ferry to the island. There are sailings daily this month and in October except on Sundays. Ferries leave at 9 a.m and arrive at 19.30. From November to March the 9 a.m ferry arrives at 19.40.

Go to Condor’s website and download the timetable as there are options of earlier arrivals and we found one Sunday sailing on the 27th of November.

If you’re prepared to drive along the coast to Weymouth or Poole, you can board Condor’s fast ferry service and arrive in Jersey with your car in just over three hours. Fast ferry times vary according to the day but many leave at 10 a.m.

Don’t forget to check for special offers. Condor are currently offering autumn Portsmouth to Jersey ferries with car and two passengers from £90 each way. Without the offer, calculate around £130 for car and 2 passengers one way for the conventional ferry and £151 for the fast ferry. Bon voyage!

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