Looking for a bargain on the Portsmouth to Caen ferry crossing?

Portsmouth to Caen ferry crossing

Are you mulling a short break in France with your car and wondering how best to do it on a budget? While most tourists will obviously check out the Dover to Calais crossings, there is another way to get there for a great price, and that is with the Portsmouth to Caen ferry crossing. In this blog, we are going to show you the best way to get a great deal on this trip.

While it obviously can't boast the same level of choice as the Dover routes, it is still possible to pick up huge bargains on this fast growing passenger route. Brittany Ferries are perhaps the largest company ooerating on the route, and they are offering a deal with now where you can take a car and four passengers for just £37.50 per person. Check out their site at http://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ to see their full range of info and offers.

You will have two choices of sailing with Brittany Ferries as they have both a fast craft that takes 3.5 hours, or their slower cruise ship which takes six or seven hours, depending on conditions. They company also offers four sailings a day, leaving you with plenty of choice about when you want to depart.

If you would like a more comprehensive look at the prices available on this route, then why not check out the Cheap Ferry Crossings site at http://www.cheap-ferry-crossings-uk.co.uk/. This site acts as a price comparison site for the ferry industry, and it will pull in quotes from all of the operators, giving you an idea of what everyone is charging. Bon Voyage!

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