Fabulous Porto holiday

A Porto holiday is just what the whole family needs this summer to leave them feeling refreshed and able to face the long winter ahead.

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and lies on the Douro River. The airport is located 13 kilometres north of the city. Taxis are available but be sure to get one from the authorised rank outside arrivals, cost is approximately 20 Euro. A metro line runs directly into the city centre.

There are three tourist offices in Porto where you can get a map of the city, information about accommodation, restaurants and current events. One can also check out Porto's official website portoturismo. It is a good idea to get a ticket for an open topped bus tour of the city.

One of the nicest areas in the city of Porto lies west of the Ponte Dom Luis I. It is called the Ribeira, Porto's waterfront, which has changed dramatically in recent years from a rough dockside cargo area to one of the city's main tourist attraction. There are many good restaurants and bars along the quayside.

On the south side of the Duoro is Vila Nova de Gaia and the port wine lodges. Many of the lodges offer tours and tastings. The tours are conducted in English and give a great insight into the port making process, the difference between tawny and ruby port and which vintages are best.

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