Portland Holidays Cruises Cater To The Masses

Portland Holidays Cruises

The wide variety of cruises offered by Portland holidays means that a wide variety of customers are catered to. This includes those with a limited price range, as well as those with an undefined idea of what they want out of a cruise. Portland holidays cruises allow you to choose your path.

One type of trip offered by Portland holidays is the 'fly cruise', which is exactly what it sounds like: you fly from London to a destination, and then cruise around it. The Treasures of the Mediterranean, which explores famous areas of Spain and Italy, is one of these cruises. There is also a fly cruise that explores the Nile. The Ancient Wonders fly cruise takes you through Greece, Lesbos, and Turkey. The Red Sea Adventure cruise takes you through the venerable wonders of Cyprus, Israel and Egypt. The Colourful Coasts tour takes you from Santa Cruz de Tenerife all the way to Morocco. More conventional Caribbean and tropical cruise packages are also available.

Portland holidays cruises include 24 hour dining is included in the cost of the ticket. There is entertainment on every cruise boat, as well as a selection of onboard activities. Because gratuities are also built into the price of the cruise, you need not tip while aboard.

For any of the Portland holidays cruises, there is a choice of cruise packages. This is so that those who want a more premium getaway are catered to, as well as those who don’t have a lot to spend.

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