Portland holidays: cost-cutting with quality

What’s so great about Portland holidays?

Portland holidays are one of the most economical ways to book your holidays. Why? They cut out the travel agent, saving you up to 15% off the prices you would pay if you went through a high street outlet.

Booking online with Portland also entitles you to an additional £50 off per couple.

Three of the best current Portland holidays

Cape Verde

Portland are offering trips to a new tourist destination on the Cape Verde Islands. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the west coast of the African country Senegal, Cape Verde is a charming once-upon-a-time Portuguese colony. It is also unspoiled by mass tourism. Portland holidays offer two all-inclusive hotels on the Santa Maria, located right on the beach front, 1.5 km from the town centre.


Portland holidays also travel to various resorts in Florida, USA, including Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista and the Walt Disney World Resort.

Dominican Republic

The beautiful white sand beaches of the Republic are another popular location for Portland holidays. During the day you can take full advantage of the unspoilt beaches and tropical seas. At night time relish the spicy Caribbean cuisine and laid-back partying.

If this has whetted your appetite to cross the Atlantic, check out American holidays.

What are some of the cheaper Portland holiday options?

How about these for tempting offers: 7 days in Alcudia, Majorca (1-8 September) for £608. Or 7 days in Pefkos, Rhodes (8-15 September) for £474. Further details are available from Portland Holidays (www.hol1days.com/portlandholidays.html).

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