Popular places for stag and hen parties.

Remember the days when stag and hen dos were an evening down at the pub with a few pints? Not anymore. Even in these times of financial doom and gloom, grooms-to-be are spending up to £200 a head on what has become not a night, but a weekend of partying, and the hot destination is often abroad. So where are the most popular places to spend that last wild weekend of freedom and how do people choose?

Firstly, it’s pretty safe to say that galleries and museums are not high on the list of must-haves. Revellers are looking for somewhere easy to get to, somewhere that won’t break the bank and that has a buzzing night life and cheap booze.

In step the low cost airline companies. Booking in advance and avoiding public holidays can make it very cheap to get to popular destinations close to home such as Dublin and Amsterdam. Dublin’s Temple Bar area however has now banned stag and hen parties and in Amsterdam you pay above average for a pint. While the cheap booze in Prague is still a draw, ‘stags’ are moving on to Riga, Latvia, this year’s trendy destination, and the incredible nightlife in Barcelona makes it a popular choice.

The Foreign Office estimates that around one million Britons are planning to travel abroad for pre-wedding parties in 2011, reports the Daily Mail. But unfortunately not all the pre-nuptial celebrations end happily, with arrests, lost passports and ending up in an Amsterdam canal being just a few of the problems.

British travellers are asked to avoid risqué fancy dress and rowdy behavior, which not only antagonize locals but can also mean spending the weekend in jail. It’s great to have fun but if you want to make it a stag weekend to remember, stay within the limits!

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