Popping the question in Phuket.

What could be more romantic than beautiful beaches, delicious food and refreshingly genuine local hospitality? Thailand has long been considered a haven for couples in love, and now it’s also becoming an increasingly popular wedding destination, where you can tie the knot with a Buddhist blessing or a lantern lighting ceremony. Koh Samui is another Thai resort where lovers choose to stage life’s most important event and the smaller islands are also coming into vogue, reports BBC Travel.

According to Anthony Lark, General Manager of Trisara resort in Phuket, ‘With air travel these days, you can bring 50 people to Thailand at a reasonable price and stay in Thailand’s most luxurious resort, at a price that is probably half what it would cost to get married in Europe or Sydney.’

And if you’re looking for a truly different experience, take a look at website weddingguideasia.com. Rep Stephanie Chai has pinpointed exotic destinations, like Cambodia and Vietnam as new destinations for nuptials with a difference. You won’t find many other couples who have tied the knot with a Khmer ceremony in Cambodia. Another wedding destination that will make you stand out is heading with your chosen guests to China, where resorts in Ringha, in the Yunnan Province, are offering Tibetan ceremonies.

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