Cheap Poole Ferries to France

Various ferry companies offer routes connecting Poole to cities in France such as Cherbourg. Some very cheap tickets can be purchased, making it an ideal option for taking a road trip abroad. Poole ferries to France run to Cherbourg amongst other places. There are many other popular routes to choose from as well.

brittany-ferries.co.uk has some good rates, offering Poole to Cherbourg connections. There is a choice of daily sailings for maximum flexibility and the time it takes to cross the channel is about two and a half hours. They offer tickets which are ideal for a weekend holiday, a day trip or an extended stay on the continent. Prices for the ferries vary throughout the year but the typically rate is £75 per person for a return ticket including taking a car with you. For a day trip, prices are as low as £23 per person for a return ticket. All prices specified include mandatory fees such as taxes.

Condorferries.com also offer Poole ferries to France. Ferries starting in Poole go to St Malo, which is a little under five hours for the crossing. There are at least seven ferries per week to choose from. The price of a return ticket varies depending on the number of passengers and the size of the vehicle you take with you. Prices average around £145 for a return journey. You can get a quote and book the ferry online to take advantage of special web-exclusive prices and special offers.

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