Looking for a Poole to Cherbourg ferry crossing?

Poole to Cherbourg ferry crossing

Whether you’re thinking of an early autumn break or planning ahead for next year, if you live within easy striking distance of Poole and fancy hopping across the channel to France or a few days, the Poole to Cherbourg ferry crossing is a great option. Poole is easily accessible by car and Cherbourg is one of the best-connected ferry ports in France. Brittany Ferries offer the fastest available crossing to this port via their high speed ferry service from Poole.

While the Dover Calais route is the shortest and best ‘trodden’ way to get to France by ferry, if you’re planning on visiting Normandy, Brittany or west France in general, this route will save you valuable driving time yet only takes four and a half hours or two and a half hours with the high speed service. There are also overnight services with cabins available if you want to arrive refreshed.

You can a book a Poole to Cherbourg ferry crossing with Brittany Ferries (Brittany-ferries.co.uk) who operate a high speed service from May to October with one sailing a day. In general, there are two crossings a day in September but no sailings from mid October to March. Brittany Ferries continues its service from Portsmouth to Cherbourg, however.

Prices start from just £75 per person for return ferry sailings, based on two people travelling with a standard sized car holidaying for five nights or less. Day trips cost from just £23 per person. For example, a return sailing for a car with two people, departing on the 22nd of September and returning on the 1st of October comes in at £238.

Be sure to check the website for special offers which can make your Poole to Cherbourg ferry crossing even cheaper. Bon voyage!

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