PO Ferrys routes and prices

PO Ferrys is a British ferry operator. The company's routes primarily operate the English Channel route between Dover and Calais.

P&O Ferries routes are as follows:

  • Calais - Dover
  • Rotterdam - Hull
  • Zeebrugge - Hull
  • Liverpool - Dublin
  • Larne - Cairnryan or Troon

You can cruise from from Rotterdam/Zeebrugge to Hull from just €69 per person with or without a car. The price includes 2 nights on board and a day trip to either Hull or York.

Travel between Dover to Calais for a special offer price of £39 for 3 days return with your car and passengers. With up to 46 crossings a day you can travel at a time that suits you. Day trips start at just £25 for return tickets.

The crossing between Dover and Calais takes just 90 minutes, and there are no strict baggage restrictions or lengthy airport queues to worry about. You have until 17th July 2011 to enjoy your break, all tickets must be booked by Wednesday 1st June.

The route between Dublin and Liverpool gives the quickest way of crossing between the UK and Ireland. With no airport queues or baggage restrictions, there is no reason to travel any other way? It's so simple just drive on and relax in comfort and style.

PO ferrys are an award-winning ferry company with friendly service and excellent facilities on board there ships. You can arrange accommodation on there website for when you reach your destination.

The timetable for all routes can be found at P&O ferries website.

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