Pleasurewood Hills: your next holiday destination

Pleasurewood Hills is the 59-acre theme park located in Suffolk. With many attractions and games to suit the young and the not so young, it has become one of the most visited places in the UK when theme park holidays are in mind. Have a look at what's in store when booking a day out in the park.


In 1983, Joe Larter started Pleasurewood Hills as a small family attraction with rides such as a miniature railway, adventure playground and the Cine 180. Fast forward today, the theme park has several rides and attractions which can be of interest to various age groups.

  • Attractions

Everyone has a lot of choices when visiting Pleasurewood Hills from thrilling rides to exciting aquarium shows. To date, there are three roller coaster (Wipeout, Enigma, and Snake in the Grass), four thrill (Fireball, The Jolly Roger, The Tide, and Traveller), and two water rides (Timber Falls and Wavebreaker). Other rides include the carousel, tea cup, chairlift, vintage cars, hot air balloon, and child’s lift.

This year, 5 new attractions are added. Enjoy HoBs PiT, Pleasurewood Pedalo’s, Moby Dick, Woody’s Tea Cups, Pleasurewood Chills, and Sean Alexander.

There are other options for those who do not like to go on thrilling rides. Get amazed and confused with Sean Alexander, the 'Confusionist' or enjoy an 8-minute indoor laser game with unlimited ammo. Pleasurewood Hills have also conference facilities for groups at The Palladium which is great for team building, retreats, seminars or office outings.

  • Prices

You can buy admissions tickets online or at the gate. Internet tickets are usually cheaper. An adult (+12) ticket costs £18; children under 11 pay £15 while Seniors pay £12.5 Gang tickets are also offered with 4 tickets costing £65.5 and 9 tickets sold for £135. Facilities are available for registered and disabled people.

Where to stay

If you are visiting Pleasurewood Hills, you can also stay at nearby accommodations and hotels such as The Cliff Hotel, Pontins, Potters Leisure Resorts, Waterside Holiday Park and Gunton Hall Holiday Village. Combine a family-oriented holiday with local tours to discover adjacent villages. Whether you are going on holiday solo, with a partner, friends or with the entire family, Pleasurewood Hills have exciting entertainment at reasonable prices.

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