Please don’t mention the Full Moon Party in Thailand

There’s little undiscovered about the vast majority of Thailand’s islands. They are now overrun with students who've attached some fake dreadlocks and are passing themselves off as hippies while their parents foot the bill.

But thankfully, there are enough of those small, secluded islands left that not many people know about.And Koh Kood is just one of them.

Two hundred miles east of the giddyness of Bangkok, near the Cambodian border, lies the small island of Koh Kood, home to rainforest, coconut and rubber plantations, sleepy fishing villages, and fewer than 2,000 people – and not a gap year brat in sight.

Getting there requires an internal flight or train journey from Bangkok, followed by an hour's boat ride from the mainland, and that keeps most of the part-timers away. This sounds more of an expedition than it actually is. It's about an hour from Bangkok to the small airport at Trat, with its manicured lawns and string of topiary elephants along the runway. And before you know it, you’ll be dolphin-spotting in the Gulf of Thailand.

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