Planning a family trip? Why not visit the original Legoland Park in Denmark?

If the family enjoyed a trip to our own, home-grown Legoland, and you’re not one of the 40 million people who have visited the original Billund’s Legoland Park since it opened in 1968, why not consider taking the family to the see the ‘prototype’? Subsequent Legoland Parks were modeled on Billund’s fantastic achievement. It’s now Denmark’s second tourist attraction after Copenhagen.

Nestling in the centre of mainland Denmark, if you want to combine your trip with a visit to island-located capital Copenhagen, its arguably best to fly there from Billund. Alternatively, take a summer weekend break to the Park and concentrate on the awe-dropping models and attractions.

There are eight different worlds to explore, and it’s obviously not about passive viewing. The favorite ride last year was the new ‘Temple’ attraction, where you can venture out in an Indiana Jones-style jeep, armed with laser guns! The programmable Power Robot is one of the Park’s hottest amusements. You may like to refuel on crispy chips shaped like Lego bricks as you do the rounds.

There are a number of hotels, from two to four stars, nearby where you can spend the night. Book through Expedia or your favourite on-line booking site to get up to 25% discount. Ryanair (www.ryanair.com) presently flies to Billund from fourteen European airports, including Edinburgh and London Stansted. Visit www.legolandholidays.dk for more details.

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