Romantic places in Spain

Love is in the air from the golden beaches of the Costa Brava to the cobblestone streets of its ancient towns. Wander the magical streets of Barcelona or crack open a bottle or two on the rugged plains of Rioja. If you need an injection of amor follow this guide of romantic places to visit in Spain.


Rambling, cobbled streets, fairytale Gaudi architecture, the roar of the Camp Nou (although that might be strictly one for the boys) - Barcelona is a city where great love affairs are written into its history. Visit the opera, take a hot air balloon ride around the city or make a wish at the Magic Fountains of Montjuic. Barcelona's reputation as one of the most romantic places in Spain is so great, the Tourist Guide Barcelona website provides a list of the best marriage proposal spots.



Spain has no shortage of picturesque towns but Seville, the capital of Andalusia, is a perfect and stunning marriage of Christian and Moorish architecture. From the secret gardens of the Barrio de Santa Cruz, to the ornate grandeur of the Catedral de Sevilla, the sights are endlessly captivating. Take a romantic stroll through the cobblestone streets, join flamenco dancers strutting their stuff, or watch the sun set by the Guadalquivir River.


La Rioja

Around 120 miles south of Bilbao, Spain's northern wine region boasts a ruggedly scenic landscape peppered with rolling hills and cradled by the Sierra Cantabria mountains. Hot summers and cold rainy winters combine to produce the famously soft, plump grapes that make Rioja wines. Harvest takes place every year in September and the eve of autumn is one of the best - and most romantic - times to visit. Witness first hand the skill and devotion that has passed down through the generations.


Costa Brava

Stretching from the French border to the north of Barcelona, Costa Brava has golden beaches, stunning bays and romantic vistas at every turn. Catalan for "Wild Coast" its proximity to Barcelona makes it the ideal spot for a day trip, or stay in one of the region's coastal hotels, such as Hotel Vistabella (hotelvistabella.com) in Roses, to fully appreciate the heady Costa Brava days and the cool, calm nights.


Golden beaches, ancient architecture, fine wine and food and seductive flamenco music dominate romantic notions of Spain, a country blessed with a wealth of destinations to make the heart soar. We take you on and off the beaten track and to some of the most intoxicating places in Spain for those searching for an injection of romance.

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