Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Film Locations

The Oscar-winning movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest showed us that pirates aren’t as menacing as we thought; they don’t have hooks for hands, and they’re actually kooky and like to wear heavy eyeliner. But besides that, the film greatly illustrated the beauty of the Caribbean, one of the film’s stunning settings. Sail the seas with Captain Jack Sparrow through our list of the film’s locations.

The Bahamas. This country with over 700 palm-fringed isles was a fitting site choice for the movie. Its capital Nassau was once ruled by pirates, and served as home for ship wreckers, freed slaves, blockade runners, rum smugglers, and runaway lovers. Here, wrecked ships were a livelihood of the less religious, who waited for bad weather and poor maps to bring them their salvage. When they didn’t get enough, they illegally “put lights on the reefs to lure ships to their doom.” Today, pirate stories still abound in the country, but its exceptional beauty is a more popular topic. Grand Bahama Island and Exuma, both featured in the Dead Man’s Chest, are famous for diving and kayaking, while Eleuthera’s pinkish-white sands are perfect for sunbathing.

Dominica. Lore says that a treasure from the 1500s lies hidden in the caves of this island nation. But treasure or not, the place is a gem in itself for its unspoiled natural beauty. Take a ride through the rainforest canopy in an aerial tram, watch sea turtles lay eggs on the beach, unearth colourful reefs, and dive or snorkel into warm sea vents. Want your own pirate adventure? Pick among the Pirates of the Caribbean tour packages, which take you to the actual sites where the movie was filmed: Prince Rupert Bay, where the Black Pearl was anchored; Wacky Rollers Adventure Park, where a rope-style bridge similar to the one used in the movie was rebuilt; and Carib Indian territory.

Santa Clarita, California. It’s not surprising that this city was picked to be one of Dead Man’s Chest locations. After all, it is famous as “Hollywood’s backlot,” the setting of several other movies and shows such as Spider Man 3, Norbit, CSI, and 24. Pirate encounters are impossible here, but lots of outdoor adventures are in store for travellers: moonlight hiking at the Placerita Nature Center, hiking in the wilderness, and horseback riding in Rainbow Ridge.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This island nation was the backdrop of swashbuckling scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean. Tranquil and untouched, it’s the perfect retreat for those with deserted island fantasies. Bring your own Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightley to Young Island Resort, a private island where crystal blue waters and tropical flowers set the mood for romance. Don’t buckle with your lines, though. We all know Jack Sparrow killed the romance with his blunder: “We are very much alike. You and I…I and you…us.”

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