Pink Lake Australia: One for the Bucket List

If you are looking to check out something truly different on your next trip then the 'Pink Lake' in Australia could be something to attract you down under. This lake makes for a pretty sight from airplane windows as you fly over and it provides the opportunity for some surreal photo opportunities.


Lake Hillier and Its Unique Colour

Lake Hillier, otherwise known as Pink Lake, is located in the state of Western Australia on the island of Middle Island which is nestled in the Recherché Archipelago. To wet your appetite we highly recommend that you pay a quick visit to the Archipeligo on Google Earth to see for yourself the bright pink hue of this natural phenomenon.

So the wacky lake that is Pink Lake in Australia could offer tourists a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim in bright pink water, right? Right, well, kind of. The strange colour of the water does not prevent people from taking a dip in the waters of Lake Hillier but getting to the lake is not something that is easily done for normal tourists.

The lake itself is surrounded by a rim of golden sand that you would expect of a beach in Australia and it is only a short stones throw away from the crystal blue Southern Ocean. The trouble is that the lake resides in a nature reserve that is protected.

And the reason the lake is pink? Scientists attribute the colour to algae that thrive on the saltiness of the water.But be warned, those that have swam in the lake water have noted that it is extra salty so it is unlike traditional lake swimming in that sense and more closely related to its nearby neighbour, the Southern Ocean.

Make Your Way to Pink Lake

For those of you intent on getting as close as possible to Pink Lake in Australia you can take a helicopter from a town called Esperance. Esperance is a full days drive from Perth so getting there is in itself a fun adventure waiting to happen. The helicopter tour will take you over the lake for some stunning views of the pink water below.

To get you started, you can get some great deals on flights from London to Perth on www.skyscanner.net starting at around £650 return. For more information on the challenge of tackling Pink Lake, visit http://www.westernaustralia.com/en/Attraction/Archipelago_of_the_Recherche/9009391.

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