Picasso Museum

If you're a fan of the sensual art of Pablo Picasso, the ultimate place to visit on your Malaga holidays is the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation Museum. The building is where the artistic genius was born; it's also a converted museum that houses most of his important collected work.

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On the first floor of the Malaga museum, you'll find three rooms, each dedicated to a craft that the talented Picasso excelled in: ceramics or sculpture, engravings, and illustrated books. In the ceramics room you'll see 9 original sculptures of Picasso; on display are Centaur, Fish, and Bull’s Head; you can also see great ceramic masterpieces of the artist, like Picador, Bull, and Grey Dull Face. Picasso first engaged in the craft in 1946, with his passion for sculpture and ceramics lasting for 25 years. There are other ceramic pieces borrowed from private collections that are also on display in the museum.

Moving to the room containing the engravings of Picasso, you'll find 7 works, including Sueno y Mentira de Franco, Las Tres Banistas, and Picador Entrando en la Arena. During his career, he experimented with various styles and materials, and because of the high quality and considerable volume of his engravings, they're seen as vital part of his craft.

At the room where Picasso’s illustrated books are collected, you'll see 10 books from the artist’s private collection. Made between 1947 and 1960, with a variety of styles, they show how versatile and expressive Picasso was; some of these works include Vingt Poemes, by Gongora; Chronique des Temps Heroiques, by Max Jaco; and VIII Pythique, by Pindaro.

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