Passionate about photography? Holidays in Scotland are perfect

Photography holidays: why Scotland is the perfect backdrop

Whether you’re just an enthusiastic snapper or a serious photographer, photography holidays in Scotland are perfect for combining your hobby with a vacation. Steeped in history, culture, wonderful architecture and fabulous scenery, Scotland has more than enough inspiration to create memorable holiday albums.

There are numerous medieval castles, abbeys and royal palaces. Edinburgh boasts the contemporary splendour of the Scottish Parliament, Old Town buildings dating back a thousand years, and the Georgian splendour of its New Town. Glasgow boasts the Burrell Collection, containing over 9,000 pieces of art, as well as cathedrals and a Science centre.

If you’d rather explore beyond the large cities, book a seat with Highland Experience Tours to transport you through fabulous landscapes. Here you’ll be bowled over by rugged mountains, lakes (known as lochs to the locals) and hundreds of islands.

With all this available to your lens, all you need to do is keep focusing and snapping!

Where can I find the best accommodation in Scotland for photography holidays?

Some holiday providers combine sightseeing with photography workshops. Light in Scotland offer 5-day or weekend courses. (These are highly prized, so it’s best to book sooner rather than later. Prices range from £399 to £445).

But the fact is that there is so much to see in Scotland, you could arrange to stay anywhere from Dumfries in the far-flung south-west, to the Shetlands (Scotland’s most northerly point), and there are guaranteed to be subjects worth photographing right on your doorstep.

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