Pet friendly hotels in London

It can be hard to leave your pet behind while you are travelling, so why not bring them with you. Both you and your pet would most likely prefer a hotel over a kennel or cattery for a prolonged period of time. Before booking your stay in one of the London hotels, double check with the hotel in advance to see what their policy is on pets.

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Bermondsey Square Hotel will greet your canine friend with a ribbon-wrapped bone and treats. This hotel is located in the middle of town near Tower Bridge, The Shard and many other tourist sights. Like most pet friendly hotels, it will provide a dog bed,a water and food bowl as well as a map of pet friendly bars, shops, restaurants and walks nearby in the area. On top of that, there is a 10% discount on collars, leads and harnesses at the boutique shop next door in case you forgot yours or feel like an upgrade. The charge for your pet to accompany you into the hotel is £20 per night.

41 is another high end hotel for your pet especially if you are travelling with a dog. Upon arriving, you will receive a pet hamper which consists of a toy, treat, clean-up bags, welcome letter and a “41” tag. With a pet concierge on hand, you have the possibility of getting a pet sitter, walker and various grooming services for your canine friend. They even provide bathrobes and first aid kits if you so desire them. Upon departing, your pet will receive a framed photo and a pet certificate proving their stay at “41” was a happy one.

The Athenaeum is a big upgrade from the previous two hotels. This 5-star hotel is near Royal Parks and Buckingham Palace and fittingly treats all of its guests like royalty. Owners need to pay a £1000 deposit which will be returned when checking out. Similar to other hotels, they provide dog beds, leads, bowls and a dog walking route map for fun walks in the area. Dogs are to be kept on a lead at all times with a maximum length of 6 feet so your dog does not get too far away from you.

When you are travelling with your friend it is important to remember basic etiquette. Avoid leaving your dog alone in the room for any lengthy time, especially if they are nervous dogs as they might chew, bark or injure themselves. Any damage that your pet causes on a stay at one of these hotels, you will be required to pay for the damage in full. Before deciding to check into one of these hotels, make sure your pet is flea free and properly house trained so there are no unsavoury incidents while you are on holidays.

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