Pet Friendly Holidays in Scotland: Tips for Looking for Accommodations

Pet friendly holidays in Scotland are mostly about renting self-catering accommodations. This includes villas, apartments and townhouses in the city, as well as cabins and cottages in the country. If you prefer, you can also enjoy pet friendly holidays with a select number of hotels and resorts. You are likely to need, however, the services of an experienced travel agency or tour provider to find such establishments.

The Best Places to Enjoy Pet Friendly Holidays

If you are interested in enjoying pet friendly holidays, the best places are usually those in the country. City-based accommodations tend to have very strict prohibitions against pets because they lack the necessary space and amenities to accommodate your pets’ needs.

For hassle-free pet friendly holidays that you and your furry friends are both able to enjoy, consider locations such as the Isle of Sky or Loch Ness.

Unique Accommodations

If you want your pets to be happy while all of you are on vacation, you obviously need to look for accommodation and surrounding areas that offer vast natural spaces to explore. But of course, make sure that you do not neglect your own pleasures for your pet’s sake. In fact, you should take the time to make the most out of your vacation and look for something that will make it unique and exciting.

  • Lighthouses (Ruareidh.co.uk) – There are several historic lighthouses today that are available for rent. They offer modest to expansive space inside and out. They also offer some of the best views of the land since lighthouses are designed to monitor traffic in nearby bodies of water.
  • Rectories (Grantown-Holiday-Cottage.co.uk) –These are usually large since they also double as function halls for religious groups besides serving as the main residence of the parish head or minister.

In choosing the best accommodations for pet friendly holidays in Scotland, do not forget to ask about local rules and regulations for taking out your pets in public and the proper disposal of animal waste.

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