Personal Contract Plans For Cars At Ford

If you are interested in purchasing a car, you should pick a Ford because you can finance it in an excellent way using the Personal Contract Plans for cars that Ford offers.

What are the Personal Contract Plans for Cars at Ford?

This mechanism helps you to finance the purchase of a new car, so that it is comfortable for you. A monthly fee is debited directly from your bank account for the duration of the contract (which goes from two to four years). This method can guarantee you the purchase of your car for much lower payments. If you want to purchase an insurance or other type of maintenance plan, the cost of fees will increase accodingly.

How to set the monthly fee?

There are several factors that are considered in determining the monthly payment: cost of the new car, amount paid for a first deposit (the maximum should be 40% of the total value of the car), length of the agreement and anticipated annual mileage once you get the car, and the interest rate.

When do I receive the car?

Once you have completed the payment of the first tank, the car is delivered with the condition that you must pay fixed fees for a period between 24 and 42 months. Similarly, you have three options: the first one is to pay the VCG (which is a large amount equal to what you would pay monthly) and keep the car, it is yours. The second option is to return the car without getting anything you have paid so far. The third option is to pay the VCG and use it as the first deposit for the purchase of another car.

A flexible way to buy a car

This method of financing is much more comfortable for you as it has different options for you to acquire a new car or if you change your mind, you can also have the possibility to return it and buy another one.

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