A Guide to Personal Car Leasing in Northern Ireland

One of the easiest ways to get personal car leasing in Northern Ireland is to use a company that is well-known and trustworthy. Budget cars is a car rental company that operates all over the world. including Northern Ireland. This company prides itself on being able to offer their customers cheap rates on car rentals. As at the 10th of July 2011 the Budget cars website budget-ireland.co.uk was offering a standard Volkswagen Polo at the rate of £29 per day. A more luxurious car such as the Ford Focus Estate was renting at approximately £75 a day.

Another method of getting a cheap rental car in this region is by going to a car rental comparison website such as carrentals.co.uk, expedia.com or easyterra.com. The beauty of using these websites is that they search every car rental website online and present the user with the cheapest rates that it can find. This saves users countless hours sifting through car lease websites for good rates. Carrentals.co.uk is the best rental car comparison website for the UK and Ireland region. This website takes the age of the driver into consideration before it gives out a quote. This is an excellent feature as many people have found that rental rates increase once the company is aware of the customer's age and driving history. This feature ensures that drivers do not get surprised by added extras when they turn up at the rental company to pick up the car.

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