Perpignan Revamped.

Located near the border with Spain, this small French city is seeking to place itself on the map, ridding the city centre of most of its traffic and making it an inviting place to wander around. Once the continental capital of the Kingdom of Majorca, Perpignan has recently gone through a large renovation programme while seeking to preserve its religious and military history.

Furthermore the inhabitants of Perpignan are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the TGV in 2014, which not only promises to reduce the journey time to Barcelona from 3 hours to 45 minutes, but will also mean the complete redevelopment of the area around the station, reports the Independent.

Perpignan offers a great blend of Spanish and French cultures and has many attractions that cater for all tastes. For those keen to learn a bit more of the town's history, a visit to the Castillet keep is a must. The keep, a part of the 14th century walls, houses the Casa Pairal museum of Catalan arts and is still considered a symbol of Catalonia. Trips to both Perpignan Cathedral and the Musée Hyacinthe Rigaudis are also recommended.

And after a hard session of cultural activities, chill out in one of the cafes on the Place de la République. This market square has been spruced up and is the perfect spot to spend a lazy afternoon.

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