Perfect spa break hotel in North Wales

To the uninitiated, Wales might seem like a land of tradition, spectacular landscapes and little else; the back-door to Britain. However, those in the know have been using some of Wales' grandest and most established hotels for years, using their favourite locations to dig deeper into the history of this unspoilt land by visiting the plethora of landmarks that Wales has to offer. Oh, and indulging in some personal pampering as well!

One particular hotel, Bodysgallen Hall, Llandudno, offers its guests the full package: cosy, accommodating public rooms, tremendous views of the nearby Conway Castle and a top-notch spa that would rival most of those found in London.

Encompassed by 200 acres of parkland and sporting an attractive rose garden and a pretty parterre, the hotel is the picture of elegance and remains to this day a National Trust property, having been given to the Trust in 2008. The interior of the hotel matches its pretty exterior with individually themed and delicately decorated rooms.

The food served at the hotel's restaurant, 'The Dining Room' is standard gourmet fare but all 1620 of its dishes are made from locally sourced produce. The wine-list is extensive and caters for all tastes.

The hotel's spa does not disappoint, with various, high-quality services available, as well as a large swimming pool, sauna, gym and a whirlpool bath. The hotel do recommend booking though, as over 250 members use the facilities during the weekend and on weekday evenings.

Bodysgallen Hall, Pentywyn Road, Llandudno, North Wales LL30 1RS (01492 584466; www.bodysgallen.com)

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