Perfect places to pop the question

We all know the drill: you pop the question, hopefully get a positive answer, have the wedding and then go on the honeymoon. Right? Well, not these days. Apparently, more and more men are ensuring they get a 'yes' first time by sweeping their loved one off to a romantic destination. Just remember to pack the ring!

Florence, Italy

The home of all things romantic, cultured and amorous, Italy loves couples like it's own star-crossed lovers, a certain Romeo and Juliet. The colours and sensations of Florence are beguiling - a taste of classical times with rolling green-hilled vistas and, culture in the form of a Unesco-listed medieval centre, delicious, home-made food and refreshing wine. An irresistable combination.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Whilst most blokes might think that sequined strippers and feather-boa'd dancing girls might prove too much of a distraction from finding the right time to propose (a distraction for them, mind!), Las Vegas offers the fast-track proposal. With a nearby chapel, Elvis impersonator and as much mo-town memorabilia as you could possibly dream of, you can get hitched before hitting the one-arm bandits and enjoying an evening of dazzling entertainment.

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Already a favourite destination amongst honeymooners, Prague offers a delicate and refined landscape for discerning tastes. One particular spot, the Charles Bridge, offers a relatively private location to pop the question, as traffic along the bridge disappears towards sun-set. With a backdrop of dream-like sculptures and the distant hum of traffic, you'll find yourself proposing in no time.

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