Peasants get to sleep on long haul flights

There is only one greater pleasure than flying first class, and that’s hauling yourself out of your 5 star seat and walking a few paces in your complementary silk slippers to pull back the curtain, have a look at the herd in cattle class, snicker to yourself, then go back to your bottle of 'Chateau Nuif De 'I’m sickeningly rich and love it.’

Well, no longer. Those socialist upstarts at Air New Zealand have destroyed the whole structure upon which our great society perilously balances and are offering comfort to the cattle in Economy Class.Dubbed 'Cuddle Class' the Air New Zealand offering applies to the three-seat blocks on its new planes. It is being pitched at couples and families with two - admittedly young - children. The airline has however, been quick to squash any lingering thoughts from couples wishing to join the 'mile high club' (the peasants may have comfort but they won’t be allowed to breed....)

The seating row can partially recline and has a retractable platform which can be raised to create a flat space across the footwell. For a couple, the third seat comes half-price, whereas for a family of four the idea is that one adult lies with their ankle-biters while their partner has to make do with an ordinary seat.

Air New Zealand will take delivery of the 777-300 planes, which have been developed offering 22 sets of Sky Couches alongside the regular seats available in economy, from the end of this year. No, this wouldn’t have happened in Oscar Wilde’s day...

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