Peaceful Perth Holidays

Perth holidays take tourists to an isolated, sun-baked city where relaxation is the main activity. Laid-back beaches and lush greenery guarantee tourists a stress-free escape, while several bars and cultural activities occasionally spice up the usually quiet Perth nights.

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Perth is the fourth largest city in Australia, best characterised by its remote location and hot and dry summers. Most of the tourists can be found along the Sunset Coast, where all of Perth’s splendid beaches are located. Cottlesloe Beach is not only famous as the site of deceased Aussie actor Heath Ledger’s wake, but also as a favourite holiday destination during lazy summer days. A nice place for swimming, this beach offers other activities such as snorkelling, family picnics, and sunset watching from the cafes and restaurants along the Marine Parade.

Tourists who love greenery are in for an eye-popping feast at Perth’s numerous parks. The Allen Green Conservatory is a pyramid-shaped glass house that’s home to various exotic tropical and semi-tropical plants. It was constructed in 1979 in honour of the first European settlers’ arrival 150 years ago.

Burswood Park is a haven for nature and picnic lovers. The Citizen of the Year Lake is an attention-grabber, adorned with plaques containing the names of Western Australia’s citizens of the year. The Swan Shell, meanwhile, is a picturesque structure displaying the movement of a swan in flight. It is commonly used as a wedding and concert venue. Other park attractions include the Swan Fountain and recreational trails.

Kings Park attracts millions of tourists annually to its remarkable botanic garden. Tourists can hold wedding ceremonies here, go on a learning adventure through a guided tour, and climb the DNA Tower, so-named because of its resemblance to the DNA molecule, which provides breathtaking views of the park. Other sites worth exploring are the Fraser Avenue precinct, Synergy Parkland, Saw Avenue Picnic Area, and Lotterywest Family Area.

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