Passport renewal for UK travellers

It’s that time again, time to exchange the old for the new and start with a clean slate. Because it usually only happens once over the course of a decade, you may not remember how to renew your passport. Here are some easy steps to follow to help get you travelling once again if you need to renew your UK passport.

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First, before you can renew your passport, make sure that your current one is still valid, undamaged and no changes are required to your nationality status or name. If you do need to make changes or it is damaged, you will need to fill out a different application form. Any remaining time that is remaining on your current passport will be automatically transferred onto your new one for up to 9 months.

This is a painless process which allows you to apply and pay for your renewed passport without having to go to your nearest consulate. Simply fill out the required form, sign and date it and send in any extra documents and new photos. Make sure that you are filling out the correct application form and that you fill it out completely. All going well, it should only take 3 weeks to get your new passport.

It is possible to get the process expedited but unsurprisingly, this does not come for free. Renewing your passport costs £72.50 for a standard 32-pages or £85.50 for a jumbo 48-pages. If you go through the Post Office’s Passport Check and Send service then it will cost an extra £10 but on the plus side you can apply in the convenience of your local Post Office.

It is possible to pay by credit or debit card online or if you are going through your local Post Office then you can pay by cheque which needs to be made payable to Her Majesty’s Passport Office. It is also possible to track your passport progress as it is being processed and delivered. Once you receive it, then you won’t have to think about renewing for another decade!

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